Auto Finesse USA Launches In Tennessee

We head out to the US of A to meet up with the newest members of TeamAF…

Our best car detailing products have been infinitely popular with the most discerning detailers in North America for quite a few years now… after all (depending on specific postage restrictions for each country) we'll happy ship a limited range from our UK factory to anywhere else on the planet.

But, that said, bold expansion of the Auto Finesse Family into the US - simply to better serve the millions of detailing enthusiasts and professionals across the pond - has been one of the ultimate goals for our senior management team for quite some time now. With key distributors already as far and wide as Asia and Australia, we've been busy looking to find a suitable home base in the USA.

The dream of course, has always been having our own division of TeamAF Stateside. It's important for us to offer everything from a brand-new website and US-based customer service team, to our full product range and an enormous warehouse for fast, direct and free shipping to the whole of the United States. But, this isn't just a dream - it's become a reality with the launch of Auto Finesse USA - our official North American Distributor.

Forming an exclusive partnership with Milltek Corp, based in Alcoa, Tennessee, this new addition to our extensive distribution network means that we now have national hubs in 21 countries, covering 6 of the world's 7 continents. Oh, and if you're wondering about the other continent? Well, penguins don't detail cars… but, as soon as they do, you can guarantee we'll be on the next plane to Antarctica, too!

But what, you may be asking, does it really take to join TeamAF? Well, we can show you what it's all about with just a few pics from our most recent visit to The Volunteer State…

The criteria is stringent to say the least. For a start, our main distributors need to have the sheer space required to stock and ship-out container after container load of the world's finest detailing products - just to give the very best service to their direct customers and national dealer network.

Second, they have to not only understand the intricacies of professional detailing to the AF standard, but have an ingrained passion for cars and every process when it comes to pushing them the next level. Perhaps most important of all, they also have to be a respected part of their own national tuning community. Suffice to say that the guys at Milltek Corp ticked every box and then some. So, we decided to go all-in too, partnering up to create Auto Finesse USA.

Now obviously, a huge part of being a Main Distributor is receiving ongoing support from our UK Team. Everything we do is about welcoming the new members to our extended family, something we extend to every single distributor and dealer alike. So, one of the very first steps is a visit from our management and media team, as soon as the very first container lands. In this way we can not only be available to help and advise when it comes to setting up shops, displays, warehouses, showrooms and detailing bays, but we always have a master detailer or two on hand to offer a whole load of intensive staff training, too. It's all an important part of our brand and how far we always go to protect it. 


One of the great things about the guys at Auto Finesse USA though, is that it's not simply a distribution centre and store they're looking to offer. No, our US Team will be busy over the next few months completing their detailing bay and opening their very own Auto Finesse Detailing Academy. This will join our other larger Academy setups around the world - including China and Malaysia - all of which are based on our original Detailing Academy here in the UK. Here our US customers, no matter their level or skillset - from complete beginner to seasoned professional - will be able to learn the art of detailing in true AF style.

To continue our support, we'll even be shipping out some of our most famous AF Project Cars - including our Original Mk1 VW Caddy - to their new home in the USA. These will get to see a whole host of shows and other events all around North America and, we have to say, we're itching to get back out to those.



Sadly, though that was the end of our visit to the USA, but it's not all bad news - pretty soon we'll be back out there for more with the newest members of our team. You guys - especially those of you in the US - can check out our brand-new Auto Finesse USA Website and follow along with Auto Finesse USA on Instagram and Facebook.

Oh, and if you'd like to see even more from our trip, just check out our USA Vlog below…