Auto Finesse at Import Alliance Summer Meet 2023

Our friends at Import Alliance put on an incredible show for their Summer Meet 2023 this past weekend at Nashville Superspeedway. After the turnout for their Spring Meet back in March, we knew this one would be even bigger and better - and we were NOT disappointed. 

For us, the chance to meet new friends and spread the word about Auto Finesse is what makes these shows so appealing. The attendees are amazing, and the caliber of vehicles that came out for a weekend of fun was nothing short of stunning. Thousands of cars and there was something for everyone. From JDM classics like the Mazda RX-7, Toyota Supra, Nissan GT-R from every generation to the latest and greatest from Europe - like the Lamborghini Huracan STO, a few twin-turbo Audi R8s, some Ferraris ranging from 458 Italia to the SF90 Stradale...this was THE place to be for car enthusiasts.Aerial image of Nashville Superspeedway at sunset during Import Alliance Summer Meet 2023. More than 1,000 vehicles are shown filling the infield at the racetrack at sunset.

We set up shop with our partners from Milltek Corp and of course we had to bring our vehicles to show off. The Mk8 Volkswagen Golf R and the Land Rover Defender 90 V8 both stood proudly at our booth - each rocking the Urban Automotive body kit, Milltek Sport exhaust and a touch of Finesse to make them shine. 

Even cooler, we got to bring some of the attendees in the fold by giving their vehicles an Auto Finesse detail on the spot. Because not everyone has time to clean their car before the show! This absolutely mint FD RX-7 is owned by our friends at Freedom Tire Guys - and they were plenty busy swapping tires and wheels for those participating in the drift and roll racing portions of the event. Could you believe this thing has barely 13,000 original miles on it? Auto Finesse detailer Sam Thomas cleaning up the FD RX-7 owned by Freedom Tire Guys. This example shows only 13,000 original miles.

One of the most impressive aspects of this event was the nighttime atmosphere and racing under the lights. Of course, the summer heat here in the South can be well over 100 degrees, so the cooler temps certainly helped. But once the lights came on, the fun kicked up a notch. Drifting competitions, roll racing, even hot laps on the roval were keeping everyone entertained. A white BMW drifts around a corner at Nashville Superspeedway during Import Alliance Summer Meet 2023.

All in all, this was a spectacular weekend spent with old friends, making new friends and chatting Auto Finesse with tons of new customers. We can't wait til next time!


YouTube Recap Video is here!