Auto Finesse USA

Work Cloths (Pack of 3)

$9.95 $12.95

The Microfibre Work Cloth is a true detailing staple and lends itself to a huge variety of tasks from every cleaning application and finishing process.

The perfect partner for just about any detailing product- from glass, engine and interior cleaners to ceramic coatings and waxes- these versatile short-pile towels can even be used with polishes and other abrasives for cleaning and polishing metal and enhancing and protecting awkward painted areas, like inside door shuts and under handles.

The Auto Finesse® Work Cloth is now available in white, grey and teal, perfect for separating each cloth for use on different surfaces. The Auto Finesse® Work Cloth is made up of soft white microfibre suited to all manners of cleaning tasks, from removing your favourite wax or sealant to deep cleaning your dash.

Size: 400mm X 400mm

Weight: 300GSM

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