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Wash 'N' Gloss Protective Shampoo 1L (34oz)

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Wash ‘n’ Gloss Car Shampoo is designed to safely cleanse all surfaces of grime, leaving behind nothing but an advanced, ultra-hydrophobic ceramic coating with every contact wash.

A highly effective blend of cleaning agents and advanced surfactants - with an extra special infusion of SiO2-based ceramic rinse agents - Wash ‘n’ Gloss performs three key detailing tasks simultaneously: effectively cleaning all exterior surfaces, installing long-lasting protection and adding acres of shine to paintwork, glass and trim. And all this with no changes to your regular wash routine.

Engineered to deliver extremely powerful cleaning abilities, this advanced car shampoo incorporates a combination of state-of-the-art surfactants and lubricants designed to break away bonded contamination and physically pull grime away from surfaces, safely trapping potentially harmful contaminants in the solution, allowing them to be quickly and easily rinsed away.

These specialised surfactants are designated ‘polar’ molecules, which are classed as both hydrophobic and hydrophilic. This means that, on an atomic level, they are attracted to water at one end while simultaneously repelling water (and, most importantly, attracting grime particles) at the other. Using this mechanism, millions of surfactant molecules are able to actively lift and surround dirt particles, extracting them from surfaces and enveloping them to effectively suspend them within the solution. With the addition of advanced lubricants, this allows the harmful grime to be safely extracted, slipping across surfaces without the danger of scratching. 

However, Wash ‘n’ Gloss doesn’t just clean surfaces effectively – it also allows you to take your contact wash to the next level by leaving behind an advanced SiO2-barrier to the elements, adding supreme protection and a superbly glossy surface that actively boosts beading and extreme water behaviour, while offering extreme hard-layer protection.

SiO2-based ceramic layers utilise silicon dioxide, which is commonly known as silica or quartz, a natural compound that chemically bonds to surfaces on a molecular level to create a tough barrier that’s impermeable to moisture and grime. By offering a supremely smooth surface, contamination simply can’t cling on or bond, which not only makes surfaces more resilient to harmful grime and easier to clean during the next round of routine maintenance, but levels the optical finish by smoothing out tiny imperfections in the surface. This perfectly level surface allows light to pass through unobstructed and then bounce back to the eye more uniformly, giving the appearance of a significantly deeper, glossier surface. Ceramic coatings are also extremely difficult to remove accidentally during day-to-day driving, giving them the significantly increased durability over other types of protection layer.

Using this powerful, all-in-one solution is the quick and easy way to clean, shine and add durable ceramic protection on every contact wash, but also acts as the perfect maintenance top up for vehicles with previously-applied ceramic coatings. With the ability prolong the life and performance other SiO2 coatings, Wash ‘n’ Gloss is ideal for maintenance of the exterior ceramic coatings in our flagship Caramics Protection range, including our Paintwork Protection Kit, Glass Protection Kit and Wheel Protection Kit. This makes Wash ‘n’ Gloss the perfect car detailing and valeting product, not just for installing ceramic protection, but for use on every maintenance wash.

Wash ‘n’ Gloss is available in 1-Litre / 34oz bottles and, for the best results, we recommend use with our Detailing Buckets and your choice of scratch-free Wash Mitt, as part of the ultimate two-bucket contact wash.

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