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Vision Glass Polish 500ml (17oz)

$12.95 $18.95

Vision car glass polish is a blend of light abrasives and deep cleaning agents designed to cleanse, degrease and restore clarity to your interior and exterior glass. 

Specially formulated to provide a double hit of mechanical and chemical stain removal, the abrasive qualities of this thick, viscous liquid physically scrubs and polishes surfaces on a microscopic level to not just eradicate ingrained contaminants, but to remove light scratches and water marks, too. At the same time, a fusion of several specially developed cleaning agents break down the most stubborn grease and grime, allowing it to be simply wiped away.

With powerful cleaning abilities, but gentle enough to be used on tinted windows, Vision is an advanced evolution of the age-old detailing concept of a traditional glass polish. Never has it been easier to transform tired windows and give your glass a new lease of life.  

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