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Tripple All In One Polish


The ultimate all-in-one car polish, Tripple is designed to clean, refine, glaze and protect paintwork in minimal time, and in one simple step. An impeccable enhancement and restoration product that’s ideal for the speediest of detailers!

This next generation polishing compound is the choice of professionals and the best 3-in1, 'easy-on, easy-off' formula in the hands of enthusiasts looking to carry out a supreme, single-stage paint enhancement, while adding quick and easy protection at the same time. Packed with deep-cleansing solvents and advanced, fast-acting diminishing abrasives, Tripple is capable of removing the most stubborn stains, the oxidation which causes fading and other underlying contaminants, while gently refining paint and clearcoat layers, eliminating light defects, to leave a high gloss finish.

Car polishes work through the use of sharp, abrasive particles which physically take away a minuscule layer of the top surface of your paintwork. Whether application is on modern two-stage paintwork with a clearcoat layer, vintage topcoats or gloss plastics, a polishing compound is designed to level down the entire area to the bottom of the deepest defect, essentially making that blemish disappear. By physically levelling and smoothing out the surface - ensuring it’s free of blemishes that will diffract the light bouncing back to your eye, shooting it in different directions - light can reflect more uniformly giving a deeper, glossier and more refined look. The special diminishing abrasives in Tripple are designed exactly for this purpose, but even more so, they’ve also been engineered to break down quickly and work through easily, rounding them off on a microscopic scale, with nothing more than light pressure and a Micro3fibre Applicator, Polish Pad or Microfibre Spot Pad. This makes Tripple the perfect product for application by hand as well as machine polisher. 

Tripple is classified as an ‘all-in-one’ because these advanced characteristics take it far beyond that of which you’d expect from a traditional car polish. What’s more, this extra special blend has also been formulated to include ultra-slick film formers and glazing agents designed to fill and obscure minor swirl marks and other light defects, along with an infusion of T1 grade Brazilian carnauba to leave behind a barrier of wax protection that lasts for up to a month. Just like a traditional hard wax, this extra protection layer further smooths the surface, levelling the optical finish to introduce even more depth, gloss and the trademark warm glow that can only come from a natural carnauba wax. All this makes Tripple the perfect stand-alone finisher to protect and lock in the shine, or the perfect base for other wax-based protection products such as Radiance Carnauba Creme, Glisten Spray Wax, or one of our Signature Hard Waxes, which can be tailored to your particular paint type and durability needs.

Along with being the ultimate enhancement for exterior paintwork and panels, this infinitely versatile polish can also be used to clean, enhance and protect many other areas, including the most awkward painted or plastic surfaces, including piano black trim… because in car detailing, the details really do matter!

Tripple is also available in 500ml / 17oz and 1L / 34oz bottles, and ideal for use with our DPX and MPX dual-action machine polishers, along with our Professional Polish Bottle. For maximum gloss when using Tripple and a machine polisher we recommend our soft foam Revitalise No:3 Refining Pad, or the equivalent (red) Revitalise Spot Pad. And, for maximum polishing performance, our medium foam Revitalise No:2 Polishing Pad, or our yellow Revitalise Spot Pad. 

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