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Silk Drying Towel


Silk Car Drying Towel

The super-soft Silk Car Drying Towel is the ideal accessory for detailing enthusiasts and professionals looking to detail the most pampered paintwork in record time. This extra-large, 920 x 620mm premium towel has been engineered to glide freely across all exterior surfaces, quickly absorbing any water and impurities, and storing them deep within the fibres, far away from the most sensitive paint and gloss plastic finishes.

While often overlooked, drying glass, paintwork and trim after every wash is crucial to prevent the spotting caused by the mineral deposits in tap water (the water you’ve likely used to clean your vehicle), this can be especially prevalent in hard water areas. Unlike rainwater, which is relatively pure, these impurities are nearly always present in unfiltered tap water and leaving your vehicle to air-dry will quickly transfer these heavy deposits onto all exterior surfaces. In some cases, particularly on paintwork, polishing may be required to remove this type of contamination. Using a dedicated, and super-absorbent, microfibre drying towel while the vehicle is still wet and impurities remain dissolved in the water is the only way to effectively absorb these minerals, keeping them away from surfaces to eliminate the risk of inflicting defects.

Silk Car Drying Towel Construction

Safe, non-scratching and extremely effective on all exterior surfaces, the Silk Drying Towel is constructed from twist loop microfibre to offer the fastest and most efficient moisture absorption, without the risk of abrading paintwork or any previously-applied protection layers. Although we use the word ‘microfibre’ as generalised term for the material, it actually refers to the individual fibres within the material itself. By definition, a microfibre must be finer than 1 denier, and we use fibres around 0.2 denier (about 200 times thinner than a human hair). These individual fibres are like tiny hooks that can hold onto moisture, and they’re split during the manufacturing process making them finer, giving them a larger effective surface area (making them even more absorbent), and then woven into the final material pattern.

Our Silk Drying Towel uses a twisted loop pattern, which refers to a special type of surface weave where ultra-deep pile fibres are bundled together, compacted and arranged as long, twisted fingers designed for the maximum possible surface area. This further increases the material’s ability for quickly absorbing and holding onto water, making the Silk not just the fastest and most efficient dryer on all vehicle surfaces, but large enough to complete almost any vehicle, without the need for a second towel.

Complete with a scratch-less, micro suede edging – which has been machine stitched for maximum durability - the Silk Drying Towel safely tackles everything from glass and trim, to more sensitive surfaces like paintwork, vinyl wraps and gloss plastics, gliding with a minimum of effort and actively absorbing moisture and mineral impurities, without merely pushing them across surfaces.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lexie Cabral
Best drying towel around

Cut my drying time by 80%. Turned my least favorite part of car washing to my favorite. Highly recommend.

Daniel Montgomery
SIlk Drying Towel

It has quickly become my "GO TO" drying towel.

Fendley Brewer
Great drying towel

When used correctly this leaves no swirls and scratch marks in the paint. It is much softer than the other towels I have used.

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