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Revitalise v2 System Kit (Restore, Polish & Refine)

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The Auto Finesse Revitalise System V2 car polisher Kit is a three-step machine polishing programme and the solution to perfecting your paintwork with professional-level results at home.

Developed in conjunction with our DPX and MPX Dual Action Machine Polishers - specifically to make paint restoration, correction and refinement as straightforward as possible - this colour-coded system features three-grades of compound and foam machine polishing pads specially selected to work in harmony and revitalise any gloss paint finish, removing oxidation, holograms, water spots, etching and even swirl marks.

All paint correction processes use abrasive polishes and compounds to level down the top layer of clearcoat (or single stage topcoat) over and around any flaws, until they reach the bottom of the deepest defect. Rather than removing the defect directly, this takes away a microscopic layer of the entire area around it, until the defect simply disappears. This action has the effect of levelling out and smoothing the very top layer through mechanical abrasion, a process known as ‘cutting'. Polishes and compounds are available in various grades, which refers to the coarseness of the abrasive particles suspended in their solution. This is directly proportional to the amount of surface that the particular product is expected to take away, or its ‘level of cut'. A coarse polish or compound, like Revitalise No:3 Restoring Compound, has a higher level of cut, than a fine compound, because it cuts away more of the surface as it is used.

Also important is the aggressiveness of the machine polishing pads you use. Polishing pads come in various grades and the denser the foam used in their construction, the more these abrasive pads will cut the surface when used in conjunction with an abrasive compound. Harder, denser foam is used for cutting simply because it brings more abrasion, more surface contact, and with it more heat. Lighter, less dense foam pads will be more suited to paint refinement and finishing. The very reason we’ve colour coded our pads and compounds to ensure they make the perfect combination for each stage of cutting and refining.


Our three grades of Revitalise Compounds and Revitalise Foam Pads range from a coarse restoring compound and pad combo (orange), through to a medium polishing compound and pad combo (yellow), to a fine refining compound and pad combo (red), giving you the all the options needed to tackle everything from light oxidation to heavier scratches and swirl marks. Simply follow the 1-2-3 system, and you can’t go wrong. 

Revitalise Compounds are for correction and refinement only, and contain no waxes or fillers, making this line-up the perfect choice for defect removal and refinement prior to application of any protection layer, including ceramic coatings. For more information on the science of how polishes and compounds work.

The Revitalise V2 kit contains all the extra essentials - from Pad Prime to Masking Tape - needed to see you through the polishing process, this kit is also available as part of our Complete Machine Polishing Kit, which comes complete with our full-bodied DPX Dual Action Polisher.

Included in the Revitalise V2 Kit are these products:

1 x Revitalise No:1 Restoring Compound and Revitalise Pad No1: Restoring Pad (Orange)

The first step in the Revitalise process to a fine-cut finish to paintwork. Our Revitalise No:1 Restoring Compound and No:1 Pad Combo has been developed to remove deep swirl marks and restores tired paint that has been plagued by oxidisation, offering a much faster and overall cleaner working experience.  This coarse compound has a cut level of 4/5 and our 5-inch high density foam pad is constructed from firm open cell foam.

1 x Revitalise No:2 Polishing Compound and Revitalise Pad No2: Polishing Pad (Yellow)

Our Revitalise No:2 Polishing Compound and No:2 Pad combo is the second step in the process. Developed as a medium compound for lighter swirl marks and oxidation, these products will also remove any hazing from the previous heavy cutting process. This compound has a cut level of 3/5 and our No:2 Polishing pad is constructed from medium density, open cell foam. 

1 x Revitalise No:3 Refining Compound and Revitalise Pad No3: Refining Pad (Red)

The final stage on the process is refining down to a flawless finish, for this we have our Revitalise No:3 Refining Compound and No:3 Refining Pad. Vital for levelling the optical finish of your paint, creating gloss and ensuring that any holograms are removed from the previous polishing stages, this combo includes a soft foam open cell pad, and the compound has a cut level of 2/5. 

1 x Pad Cleaning Brush

Our Pad Cleaning Brush has been specially engineered for the removal of spent polish and residues during your machine polishing stages. When polishing an entire vehicle, a polishing pad can become clogged up with excess residues and regularly brushing these out keeps this down to a minimum. Simply run the pad cleaning brush across the face of the pad with your machine polisher running (pointing away form the vehicle), and the stiff bristles will help remove any build-up.

2 x Microfibre Work Cloths

The classic Microfibre Work Cloth is one of our most versatile towels, and the ideal microfibre for safely wiping away polish residues. Measuring in at 400mm x 400m, these 300GSM cloths are made up of soft white microfibre and an essential tool in the process. 

1 x Pad Prime Pad Lubricant

Auto Finesse Pad Prime Pad Lubricant is the ideal product for prepping your machine polishing pads before use. Pad Prime eliminates any dry scrubbing when a new foam pad is used for paint correction processes, this helps eliminate any unwanted defects being inflicted and helps the pad to glide across the surface without any grabbing or hopping. Just a quick, light mist of this product will ready your new foam pad for machine polishing.

1 x Masking Tape 

Our yellow Detailer's Masking Tape is crucial for masking up areas such as plastics and rubbers that may come into contact with polishing pads and become engrained and stained with compound residue, or matte finishes that may suffer from unwanted glossing. This professional masking tape is also perfect for masking up panel gaps, badges and risky edges that may cause damage to pads in motion.

This all-inclusive kit also includes our detailed instruction booklet

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