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Revitalise v2 Polishing Pad No:2 (140mm / 5.5")

$14.95 $16.95

Developed as the ultimate foam polishing pads for the use with any 5-inch machine polisher, Revitalise Pads are slightly oversized and feature rounded bumper edges for increased safety during paint protection and refinement processes. Revitalise Pads are also colour coded and numbered in accordance with our Revitalise System Compounds to make paintwork enhancement simpler than ever before.

Polishing Pad- Medium/Firm:

Offering a medium level of cut, with a good degree of finishing down ability, Revitalise Pad No.2 is a medium/firm, semi-open cell polishing pad designed for use with medium/fine abrasive compounds for removal of medium-light paint defects and swirl marks.

Care Instructions: Hand wash only with warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly, lay to dry.

Supplied singularly 

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