Auto Finesse USA

Restore Spot Pad (No.1 - 75mm / 3")


Auto Finesse Revitalise Spot Pad No.1:

The 75mm Revitalise Spot Pads are the ultimate foam polishing pads for use when targeting smaller areas during paint correction and refinement. Ideal for use with a 3-inch machine polisher - or for hand polishing with our Handi Puck - Spot Pads also follow the colour coding of our Revitalise System Compounds to make any enhancement process quick and simple.

Restoring spot Pad- Firm:

Developed for heavier paint defects, and constructed from firm, high-density foam, the Resotring Spot Pad has an open cell structure designed for collecting and loving away removed paint particles and spent compounds. Ideal for use with coarse and medium cutting compounds 

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