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Renew Paint Restorer 500ml (17oz)

$25.95 $36.95

An advanced car polish compound specifically engineered for application by hand, Renew Paint Restorer has been developed to breathe new life into tired, faded paintwork by removing oxidation and light defects to leave behind a glossy, refined finish.

Polishes and compounds work by physically levelling down the top layer of your paint or clearcoat until the bottom of the deepest defect is reached. Technically, rather than filling or removing the blemish itself, this essentially makes the defect disappear by removing a microscopic part of the surface layer around it. At the same time these abrasives will cut through off-colour oxidation in the lacquer (or topcoat) layer, which is what can make paintwork appear dull and faded. The idea is that, once refined, a polish will reveal a cleansed, defect free and smoother surface that reflects light back to the eye more uniformly and without interruption, making it appear far deeper and glossier.

Suitable for all paint types, this medium-fine compound works in the same way, but because it’s engineered using special diminishing abrasives - which on a microscopic level are designed to break up easily, smashing together to create finer and finer abrasives as you work – unlike a traditional compound, Renew doesn’t require a machine polisher to fully work them through. This is what makes this wonder paint restorer suitable for hand polishing.

A kit bag essential for correcting faded paint, as well as swirl marks and light abrasions, Renew Paint Restorer makes the hand polishing process simpler and easier than ever before. 


• Specially developed diminishing abrasives for hand polishing.

• Capable of reviving faded paintwork.

• Removes oxidation and light defects.

• Quick and easy to apply and work through.

• Leaves behind a refined, glossy finish.

• Do not breathe dust.

• Do not apply in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

• Store upright at all times.

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