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Refining Spot Pad (No.3 - 75mm / 3")

$9.95 $10.95

Auto Finesse Revitalise Spot Pad No.3:

The 75mm Revitalise Spot Pads are the ultimate foam polishing pads for use when targeting smaller areas during paint correction and refinement. Ideal for use with a 3-inch machine polisher - or for hand polishing with our Handi Puck - Spot Pads also follow the colour coding of our Revitalise System Compounds to make any enhancement process quick and simple.

Polishing Pad- Soft:

Designed to give the most impressive finish possible, the Refining Spot Pad is constructed from super-soft, reticulated foam and ideal for finishing down paintwork, removing holograms from previous correction stages and applying fine finishing compounds or paint glazes.

Care Instructions: Hand wash only with warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly, lay to dry.

Supplied singularly.

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