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Rag Top Hood Protector 500ml (17oz)

$19.95 $23.95

Auto Finesse Rag Top Protector convertible roof protector is the unparalleled solution to the problem of dirt retention and impregnation of organic material in fabric convertible hoods.

Designed to create a protective hydrophobic barrier which is not only impenetrable to grime, but actively repels it, using Rag Top Protector is the quick and easy way to prevent potentially damaging environmental fallout from becoming ingrained within fibres, and the only way of prohibiting organic contaminants - like mould and moss - from taking root.  

Safe for use on all types of fabric hood, Rag Top Protector is also packed with UV inhibitors to help reduce colour fading over time.   

Application is simple; after ensuring fabrics are clean and dry, spray a light, even mist over the surface and leave to dry. After application of 2-3 light coats, leave to cure for 3-4 hours.   

The barrier spray that provides the ultimate protection for your convertible roof, and the perfect partner to our Rag Top Cleaner.  

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