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Radiance Carnauba Crème 500ml (17oz)


Radiance carnauba wax créme is packed with T1 grade carnauba car wax that offers the deep, wet look gloss associated with our hard wax collection, but in the form of a quick and easy-to-use cream formula which makes it super quick and easy to apply. This cutting-edge finishing product is the perfect solution for those who hanker after the benefits of a wax but prefer the consistency of a cream. In fact, this may be the most effortless wax-based finisher ever conceived!

Specifically developed for the most simple, easy-on and easy-off application, Radiance is a lusciously thick, nonabrasive liquid that spreads evenly, hazes quickly and bonds to the paint surface to provide a durable layer of protection that lasts for up to 3-months. After a final buff with a fresh microfibre cloth, it leaves behind a super-slick surface which will repel grime and environmental fallout, while offering extreme water behaviour.  

Safe for use on all paint types and all colours, application is a simple case of massaging into the paintwork, panel by panel, over the entire vehicle, before buffing off to an ultra-deep shine.  

An innovation in user-friendly finishing stage products.   


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