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One Step Compound 500ml (17oz)

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The ultimate single-stage car polish for paint correction, One Step All-in-One Compound is a speedy car detailing game-changer that offers the easy way to remove heavy swirl marks and other harsh defects, and finish down to a near flawless finish, in one simple step.

Specifically formulated for use with machine polishers, this next-generation compound allows you to carry out every paint correction stage from coarse cutting and restoration to polishing and fine refinement, without the need for multiple polishing sets using progressively finer compounds and machine polishing pads.

Compounds and car polishes use abrasives to remove a minuscule layer from the top of your paintwork to eradicate surface defects. Instead of direct removal - which is impossible - these sharp, abrasive particles cut away at the whole surface being polished with the goal of reaching the bottom of the deepest defect. Essentially this makes the blemishes - whether they’re a scratches, etching or swirl marks - disappear. The objective is to create a smooth, level surface eliminating any defects that reflect natural light in different directions. This process allows the light to bounce back to your eye more uniformly, levelling the optical finish and making the surface appear deeper, glossier and more refined. Regardless of application on modern 2-stage paintwork with a lacquer layer or classic, or vintage single stage paintwork where the surface is a colour topcoat, this is the essence of all paint correction processes. For more on the science of polishes, compounds and all-in-ones, and how they can push your paintwork to the next level of detailed perfection, see our full guide – All Car Polishes Explained.

One Step is denoted as an ‘all-in-one’ because of the advanced characteristics that take it far beyond that of a conventional compound. With this unique formula it refers the ultra-high range of cut that allows this advanced formula to start off as a heavy-hitting, coarse cutting compound and transform to fine refining compound as you work it through with your machine polisher. The secret to its special abilities is all in the cutting-edge, diminishing abrasives.

All polishing products have a specific range of cut. Traditional compounds begin with large cutting particles, and these get slightly smaller and more rounded-off as they're broken down, offering a relatively narrow range of cut. When using a conventional coarse compound to cut away defects you will always leave behind a surface with micro scratches that will be in need of refinement to create a flawless finish. This is why traditional polishing methods require multiple stages utilising finer and finer compounds and softer and softer polishing pads.

One Step however is packed with special diminishing abrasives that have been engineered to cover every stage, allowing the formula to cycle through all levels of cutting, polishing and refining in as single step. These abrasives are large, coarse particles for heavy cutting at the beginning of your set, but rather than merely rounding off, they've been engineered to break up into smaller sharp particles as you work them through, getting progressively finer and continuing to cut and refine until the paint surface is perfectly smooth. In this way One Step is able to evolve from coarse compound to a fine refining compound, offering a huge range of cut, and making it a true kitbag essential for enthusiasts and professionals looking to correct paintwork in a matter of hours, rather than days. To see how you can enhance your paintwork in under a day, check out our article - How To Machine Polish A Car. 

One Step is also designed to give a true finish and contains no waxes, glossing agents or fillers, making it suitable for paint correction prior to applying any type of protection layer, including silica (Si02) -based ceramic coatings, such as our 12-month durable Caramics Paintwork Protection Kit.

This product is suitable for use on all gloss paint types, clearcoat and gloss plastic finishes, and can even be utilised to restore lacquered or gelcoat finish carbon fibre parts. 

One Step All-in-One Compound is supplied ready-to-use and is ideal for application with our Pro Polish Bottle and range of dual action polishers. For best results we recommend utilising our medium-soft foam Revitalise No:2 Polishing Pad in conjunction with our full size Machine Polisher, the equivalent (yellow) Revitalise Spot Pad with our compact MPX Dual Action Polisher, and our Swirl Spotter Detailing Light – the easy way to highlight defects when carrying out any correction process.

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