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Lavish Ceramic Snow Foam

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Lavish Ceramic Foam is a ground-breaking innovation in the science of SiO2 coatings - an advanced high-foaming, spray-on formula that makes introducing 6-months of ceramic protection to every exterior surface quicker and easier than ever before.

The perfect solution for adding or topping up ceramic layers for any vehicle - no matter the size – this cutting-edge ‘spray and rinse’ coating installs a hardy, long-lasting barrier from the elements, straight from your snow foam lance, for the most extreme protection delivered right there during the wash stage.

Safe for use all exterior surfaces, from paintwork and vinyl wraps to alloy wheels, glass and trim, Lavish gets to work immediately by chemically bonding to form a super-durable, ceramic layer which actively repels grime and offers extreme water behaviour that you can actually see working as you rinse. Engineered to whip up into a viscous, lingering foam, Lavish is also capable of working its way into all recesses and panel gaps offering supreme protection for those important, but otherwise unreachable, areas that you can’t see.

SiO2 coatings are based on Silicon Dioxide (Silica) the main ingredient you’ll find in glass, this chemical compound bonds to surfaces to create an extremely hard top layer that's impervious to moisture. On a molecular level, the new SiO2 layer smooths out microscopic recesses in the paintwork or vinyl, leaving a perfectly level hydrophobic barrier that's completely smooth and gives water and dirt molecules nothing to cling on to. Because of these advanced properties, water will simply bead off the surface and particulates won't be able to bond. Instead, any contaminants will either slide off or simply sit on top of the ceramic layer, making the vehicle far easier to clean on the next maintenance wash. For more information on how silica and quartz-based coatings can offer your vehicle the most extreme protection.

But, it’s not just the most extreme protection that’s important here, this Si02-based coating also been specifically developed to add plenty of shine. Lavish is a unique chemical solution leaves a surface layer that’s perfectly clear, so natural light is able to pass through unobstructed and then bounce back to the eye uniformly without diffracting in different directions. This gives the appearance of a much deeper, glossier surface, and the reason why this product is the master at keeping any vehicle looking better for longer, and the ultimate choice for speedy paintwork protection at any time of year.

This next-generation formula can be used as a stand-alone protection product or as a quick and easy top up to prolong the life and performance of our flagship Caramics exterior coatings - including our Caramics Paintwork Protection Kit, Caramics Wheel Protection Kit and Caramics Glass Protection Kit – making Lavish the ultimate in maintenance products, and ideal for use every time you wash your vehicle. To see how easily Lavish can be used for routine maintenance, and how it stands up to the most extreme conditions.

For the ultimate in easy application, Lavish Ceramic Foam should be used in conjunction with our Foam Lance V2. These professional-quality accessories exceed the industry standard and utilise a serviceable metal gauze to effectively activate the ingredients and whip up the solution into a lingering foam. Our foam lances are available to fit a large selection of home or industrial pressure washers, and one of the most crucial tools in any serious detailing or valeting kit. For more on these essential car care accessories see our guide.

Lavish Ceramic Foam is available in 500ml / 17oz and 1-Litre / 34oz bottles, along with 5-Litre / 1.32 Gallon trade size containers. This product, along with our full range of ceramic coatings and Caramics support products, can be found here in our Ceramic Coatings category.

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ken sogg

Seems to work as advertised but I wish, as have others, a more definitive water to product ratio, not inches to container size.

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