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Car Shampoo

An essential component in the ultimate swirl-free wash, Lather Car Shampoo is a powerful blend of advanced surfactants and highly-concentrated lubricants, designed to make your contact wash easier - and safer - than ever before. These specially selected ingredients have been developed to complement each other, exercising the function of breaking down, lifting, and lubricating even the most stuck-on grime, encapsulating harmful, abrasive particles in the solution and allowing them to be safely rinsed away. In this way using Lather significantly cuts down on the risk of inflicting swirl-marks and other defects on the most venerable surfaces such as paintwork and gloss plastics.

For a truly efficient wash this next-generation aqueous cleaning agent is able to tackle the most adhered contamination with ease. By employing a specially-developed combination of state-of-the-art surfactants and lubricants, Lather will effectively break away bonded contamination, pulling grime away from surfaces on a molecular level. These specialised surfactants are designated ‘polar’ molecules which are both hydrophobic and hydrophilic. This means that they are attracted to water at one end while simultaneously repelling water (and attracting grime particles) at the other. Using this mechanism, millions of surfactant molecules are able to seek out, lift and surround dirt particles, pulling them from surfaces and suspending them in the solution. With the addition of advanced lubricants, this allows potentially harmful grime to be safely extracted, slipping across surfaces without the danger of scratching, and making it safe for the contamination to be quickly and easily rinsed away without leaving behind any residue. 

Developed to be super-concentrated in order to be diluted to suit all levels of contamination, Lather suds up quickly to create a lusciously thick foam that’s safe and effective for use on all exterior surfaces, including paintwork, vinyl wraps, glass, plastics, rubber and glass. This advanced solution also contains no waxes, silicone polymers or shining agents to create a false finish – Lather has been developed purely as a powerful cleaner that’s able to safely remove particulate grime. Because of this it will not interfere with subsequent car detailing stages, making it the perfect cleaning solution prior to any polishing or paint correction stages, or before topping up any protection layers. Developed to be pH neutral, Lather will never strip or degrade previously-applied waxes, sealants and coatings, making it just as ideal for regular maintenance washes as it is larger, more in-depth details.

Using Lather Car Shampoo

For the most effective, swirl-free results, Lather should be used immediately after the pre-wash stages. These processes include using a suitable pre-cleaner, such as Citrus Power Bug & Grime Remover or Dynamite Traffic Film Remover, along with Avalanche Snow Foam, and are specifically designed to remove the heaviest, potentially harmful soiling. This type of heavy contamination will contain the largest gritty particles which needs to be remover prior to contact washing avoid dragging them around on your mitt, inflicting swirl marks and paint defects as you go. These processes also allow the special blend of surfactants and lubricants in your Lather Shampoo to get to work where they’re most needed – on any adhered pollutants left behind.

Always use Lather in conjunction with two Detailing Buckets, and agitate using a good quality wash mitt. These crucial measures are the most effective contact wash precautions to assist the safest possible cleaning, and involve using one bucket for your shampoo solution and a separate bucket filled with plain water for rinsing your mitt in between passes. The best quality wash mitts - like those in our Wash Mitt Collection - are also designed to trap sharp particles deep within their fibres, holding them away from paintwork as you wash. Lightly agitating Lather in this way has the dual effect of physically picking up and removing grime with your mitt and refreshing the solution in grimier areas, ensuring that any spent solution (Lather with particulates already suspended in the solution) is moved away and replenished with fresh solution to get to work on any remaining grime. For more information on the perfect contact wash.

Our original, tangerine-scented Lather Car Shampoo is also available in 500ml / 17oz , 1-Litre / 34oz and 5-Litre / 1.32 Gallon bottles. Be sure to look out for various seasonal special editions - which include a range of specially-selected scents - throughout the year. 

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