Handi Puck Kit

Handi Polisher Kit

Handi-Puck Starter Kit is the ideal way to turn your favorite spot pads in to ergonomic hand applicator and save money at the same time.

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Handi Puck Kit

Handi Polisher Kit


Handi Puck Kit

  • Includes 1 Handi-Puck and 4 pads; Scrubbi, Tyre and Trim, Wax and Microfiber
  • Turns your favourite spot pads in to ergonomic hand applicators
  • Fits a wide range of 75-120mm pads
  • Save money by purchasing this kit rather than single pads
  • Handi Puck Kit

    Ergonomic hand applicator pads perfect for all applications



The Auto Finesse Handi Puck Kit features everything you need to apply the majority of our finishing products. Ideal for applying anything from wax to tyre dressing, to polishing the more intricate areas of the car.

Four interchangeable spot pads are included, including:

1 x Handi Puck Applicator

The Handi Puck Applicator is the ideal way to turn spot pads into ergonomic hand applicators, complete with a Velcro-backed high-density foam dome. The shape means it’s easy to handle, moulded to the palm of your hand. The Velcro-backed high-density foam dome has been designed to fit a wide range of 75-120mm pads.

1 x Scrubbi Spot Pad

Our Scrubbi Spot Pad is an interior and fabric hood cleaning tool, allowing our fabric-specific products to be agitated into surfaces quickly and safely. The 80mm pad can also be used on carpets, fabric and a whole host of other interior surfaces. 

1 X Tyre Spot Pad

The Tyre Spot Pad is exactly as it says and together with the included Handi Puck Applicator it’s the perfect partner for apply our tyre dressings. It features an 85mm surface area and a sandwich-waffle foam design, allowing it to get into the tyre’s grooves.

1 x Microfibre spot pad

The 80mm Auto Finesse Microfibre Spot Pad turns your Handi-Puck into a hand-polishing system. The 80mm Auto Finesse Microfibre Pad, coupled with the included Handi Puck applicator, results in a complete hand-polishing system. Complete with foam-centre core, it curves around all of the different contours of a vehicle. Ideal for use with our pre-sealant cleanser Tough Prep.

1 x Wax Spot Pad 

Featuring an 88mm surface area, the Auto Finesse Wax Spot Pad has been developed to fit perfectly into our 150g wax tins. This fitment together with the soft bevelled foam allows for easy application.


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