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Glisten Spray Wax

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Glisten is a high-tech spray wax specifically developed for a speedy finish with 4-weeks of protection and acres of gloss… and all with nothing more than a spritz and a wipe !

Featuring a state-of-the-art solvent-based formula, which has been expertly infused with an advanced wax emulsion, Glisten Spray Wax is able to mimic the fast and easy application of a traditional quick detailer, while offering and unrivalled high-gloss finish on all paint types, and adding a wax protection layer with durability of up to a month.

Not only do wax products create a barrier layer, protecting your vehicle exterior from the elements, but they are able to make paintwork appear deeper and glossier by levelling the optical finish of the top surface. On a microscopic scale paintwork – even paint or lacquer that has been polished and refined – isn’t completely flat, zoom in far enough and the surface will contain a number of tiny ruts and recesses. The fluid nature of any hard wax when blended with a solvent carrier (to make physical application possible), helps it to spread evenly to fill these recesses, physically bonding to create a smoother overall surface which is impermeable to moisture. The result is a hardy, protective layer which water and dirt molecules simply cannot cling on to - installing advanced water beading properties and increased grime repellence - but perhaps even more importantly a layer that will allow light to pass through directly, without diffraction, and bounce back to the eye uniformly. This is how waxes are able to make surfaces look significantly shinier and add the appearance of increased depth. The non-stick characteristics of a car wax also means that contaminants will simply sit on top, allowing your vehicle to be cleaned far more easily the next time around. Because of the advanced solvent carriers used in Glisten, and their ability to effectively atomise the hard wax emulsion, its spray-on nature offers the quickest and most convenient way of applying a wax to your vehicle.

Glisten can be used as a stand-alone protection product for an impeccable-finish to your detail, or as a handy top-up during routine maintenance to extend the life and performance of any previously-applied hard wax layers, making it perfect for use on every detail, or as a quick and simple show finisher. This advanced finishing spray can even be used as a gloss enhancer on vehicles with that have been treated with a sealant or ceramic coating. But, while Glisten has been formulated for ease-of-use on any exterior panel, it’s also suitable for treating hard-to-reach areas such as inside shuts and panel gaps. In this way the next-generation wax formula can protect the parts of your vehicle that other waxes, sealants and coatings just cannot reach.

Along with being safe for regular use on all gloss paintwork and vinyl wraps this superior detailing finisher can also be utilised effectively on all satin and matte finishes, and gloss plastics.

Along with our 5-Litre / 1.32 Gallon trade size containers, which are ideal for use with our Pro Mixing Bottle, Glisten Spray Wax is also supplied ready-to-use in 500ml / 17oz and 1-Litre / 34oz spray bottles. 

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