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Foam Lance V2


The snow foam lance works to create a thick clinging foam by pushing the flow of water through our citrus-infused snow foam. It’s this clinging foam that allows cleaning agents to work for longer, helping to dissolve and rid the vehicle of more dirt and grime than a quick jet wash would. Once rinsed, the paint is prepped in the best possible way ahead of the two-bucket wash stage, allowing much of the cleaning work to be done before having any real contact with the paint.

The snow foam stage of a wash is one of the most important. It’s the stage which rids your vehicle of any loose grit and dirt that might cause scratches and swirl marks. 

And don't worry about all the different jet washers out there – we have 10 different fitments covering most of the popular makes of pressure washers, to ensure you get the right one for your machine. Simply choose the right connector for your machine and add to your basket.

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