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Finale Quick Detailer

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Car Quick Detailer

Finale Quick Detailer is a fast finishing spray, drying aid, and master all-around valeting and car detailing perfector developed to give an immaculate, non-streak finish to every detail. When you’re looking to clean away light grime and marks to create a spotless, pristine surface, and add (or enhance) that essential warm carnauba glow, always finish with Finale.

Specifically engineered as the ultimate finisher for making the most of the time and effort you’ve put into any previous detailing stages, this advanced water-based formula is safe for use on all exterior surfaces, including paintwork, vinyl wraps, glass, plastic trim and brightwork.

Designed for simple ‘spritz, wipe and buff’ application, Finale quickly and safely removes blemishes such as fingerprints, water marks, drying towel residue, lint, surface dust, polish and stubborn wax residues, and it will not smear or streak, even when used in hot, cold or humid weather conditions. This forgiving nature makes our flagship quick detailer a crucial kitbag essential for any trade professional or detailing enthusiast… especially those looking for a speedy but immaculate finish when on the go.

Using Finale Quick Detailer

While not designed as a stand-alone protection product, Finale Quick Detailer is enriched with T1 Grade Brazilian carnauba to visually boost previously-applied paintwork protection layers, including hard waxes, sealants and ceramic coatings, helping to clean and restore barrier layers and their ability to level the optical finish of paint, gloss plastics and lacquer - leaving behind a deep shine and the signature glow associated with carnauba-based car waxes. In this way it actively adds-to, and safeguards, all protection layers during your detail, rather than allowing them to be degraded through physical abrasion. This means that paintwork and other sensitive surfaces can be buffed to their best, risk-free, at the end of large in-depth details and during routine maintenance.

Finale Quick Detailer can also be used as a professional drying aid, assisting in the hand drying process to make it quicker and easier than ever to obtain an expert-level, streak-free finish. The hydrophobic nature of the wax infusion - along with the added lubricants - in the formula can be utilized to enhance drying immediately after washing, while the vehicle is still wet. Simply spray a light mist directly over each panel and Finale will not only repel water - breaking it from surfaces and promoting beading to make it easier to pick up - but also lubricate your drying towel to help it glide more smoothly across surfaces and further protect against contact abrasion. This process also prevents premature drying of your rinse water, significantly cutting down on the risk of inflicting watermarks caused by the mineral deposits present in all tap water.

Finale isn’t just a great spray-on, quick detailer, and drying aid, it’s also an effective lubricant, making it safe to aid the cleaning of light grime when added to a detailing bucket containing fresh water. This interim wash technique not only makes Finale the ideal companion for mobile detailing at car shows and other events but ideal for home maintenance on specialist cars and classic vehicles that see a limited amount of road use and only light contamination. This ‘show wash’ method is safe for use on light soiling, and also requires no rinsing, offering a great solution for any situation where a limited amount of water is available for light cleaning tasks. By creating a mild solution of around 100ml per 2-3 litres water, Finale can be passed across all surfaces, panel by panel, lifting and surrounding light grime particles, lubricating dirt, and allowing it to be gently lifted away, trapping potentially harmful contamination in your wash mitt. For more information on this specialist detailing process.

Along with our 5-Litre / 1.32 Gallon trade size containers which are ideal for use with our Pro Mixing Bottle, our original sweet maraschino cherry-scented Finale Quick Detailer is supplied ready-to-use in 500ml / 17oz and 1-Litre / 34oz spray bottles. 

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