Auto Finesse USA

Detailing Bucket with Grit Grate (20L / 5.3 Gallon)


Our Detailing Bucket has been designed as the ultimate car cleaning accessory and engineered using heavy-duty, industrial-grade materials for extra durability and to ensure it will withstand a lifetime of professional use and abuse. 

All buckets are supplied with a grit guard, this helps prevent your wash media from touching the bottom off the bucket where particles of grit and grime will always sink to. This will help prevent causing any swirl marks at the wash stage.

It also helps that our buckets have lids, which aren't just to keep your solutions safe on the go, or a handy seat for when you're taking a well-deserved break. Having a lid on your bucket simply helps to keep it clean in between details, something that shouldn't be underestimated.

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