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Crystal Glass Cleaner


Offering the ultimate finishing touch for any detail, Crystal Glass Cleaner has been specifically formulated to cut through greasy films, water spots, drying marks and fingerprints effortlessly to reveal a streak, smear and residue-free finish.

This ultra-concentrated, fast-flashing formula contains a unique blend of finely balanced, mild distilled solvents which have been developed to power through grime quickly and effectively, dissolving and lifting both particulates and sticky residues, suspending them in the solution to create a solute and allowing them to be safely removed without scratching even the most sensitive vehicle windows and mirrors.

On a microscopic level, the surface of glass isn't smooth, it’s contains all sorts of ruts and recesses, much like a serrated edge, and this allows dirt, sticky residues and even water molecules to take hold and impair clarity, distort vision and often let down the rest of an otherwise immaculate detail. Crystal Glass Cleaner is designed to chemically dissolve or lift away any kind of contamination before allowing the alcohol base to evaporate off to a crystal-clear finish. This spray-on liquid cleaner quickly and efficiently works its way into all the surface ruts and ridges, breaking the bonds of any contaminant and leaving it free it to be wiped away without abrading the surface. You can learn more about how these advanced solvents deep clean-all types of glass

Utilising Crystal glass cleaner to finish the last stage of your detail is the easy way of getting amazing clarity, better vision and ultimately increasing safety, but aside from the most intense, deep-down cleaning this product is also capable of filling and obscuring fine marks and scratches, reviving tired looking glass and offering an unrivalled, sparkling finish. And all this with no more than a quick spray and a wipe.

Suitable for all types of exterior and interior vehicle glass, this professional detailing and valeting essential is tough on all kinds of dirt and sticky contaminants, but mild enough to be used safely on window tinting films and polycarbonate, acrylic, Perspex or Lexan motorsport windows. The non-abrasive, scratch-free formula also powers through grime without degrading any previously applied glass sealant or ceramic coatings, making it safe for use at any time and in any situation.

This concentrated solvent solution can be lightly spritzed directly onto glass surfaces, or onto a cloth for wiping away the grime where space is tight. For the very best results, we recommend using Crystal Glass Cleaner with a dedicated glass towel such as our Superior Waffle or Glass Waffle, which are designed to catch and trap contaminants, holding them deep within the special microfibre weave safely away from surfaces.

Crystal Glass Cleaner is also available in 500ml (17oz) and 1l (34oz) spray bottles and, along with being a supreme finisher for any maintenance wash or full detail, can also be used as an interim cleaning product on lightly soiled glass to restore clarity and vision in between routine maintenance.

For the ultimate in glass restoration and hydrophobic ceramic protection, Crystal Glass Cleaner perfectly complements our Vision Glass Polish and Caramics Glass Protection Kit. Crystal is also available as part of our Crystal Clear Kit. For more tips on getting the finest streak-free, protected finish for all your vehicle glass, check out our guide – Glass How To Clean Protect and Get a Sparkling, Smear-free Finish.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Fendley Brewer
10/10 Glass cleaner

This stuff helps remove vape residue from windshields with ease! I refuse to use anything else.

Bogdan Balagurak
Perfect Glass

Hands down the best glass cleaner I have tried! Tried so many brands and always felt like something was missing. This one never leaves streaks for me.

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