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Citrus Power - Bug & Grime Remover

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Bug and Grime Remover

Citrus Power Bug & Grime Remover is a versatile pre-wash essential that no car detailing kit should ever be without. Designed to aid the perfect swirl-free pre-wash, this powerful blend of degreasers, cleaning agents and advanced surfactants safely removes heavy soiling, bugs and traffic films, without the need for scrubbing and without deteriorating any previously-applied car wax, sealants or ceramic coatings.

The pre-wash stage is one of, if not THE, most important processes in detailing and should be performed regardless of the time of year. This is where the heaviest, and most harmful, particulate grime is removed without making contact with the vehicle. Sharp particles and gritty contaminants can easily inflict swirl-marks and paint defects when dragged around on paintwork with a wash mitt. So, for the safest wash possible, these contaminants must be removed before your 2-bucket contact wash, and this is where our flagship pre-cleaner can be utilised to attack, and safely extract, even the most stuck-on grime.

Supplied ready-to-use for quick and simple spray-on application, this advanced, contact-less aqueous agent uses powerful surfactants to break down, lift and encapsulate harmful particles within the solution, keeping them away from surfaces and allowing them to be rinsed away safely, without scratching paint, clearcoat, gloss plastic or vinyl layers. These surfactants are attracted to both grime and water on a microscopic scale, allowing them to lock on to heavy soiling and then physically pull it away from surfaces, surrounding any harmful particles ready for them to be purged by rinsing. 

Using Citrus Power Bug and Grime Remover

Safe for use on all exterior surfaces, such as paintwork, glass, rubber and plastic - including matte and satin paint or vinyl wraps - while the gentle nature of Citrus Power makes it the ideal product for the most sensitive applications, it’s also able to power through the oil-based contamination and staining, making it suitable for light degreasing of car engine bays, inside fuel flaps, motorcycle engines and even painted/lacquered door jambs and bonnet/tailgate shuts. Simply spray Citrus Power Big and Grime Remover on liberally and lightly agitate using a Detailing Brush. Here the agitation of Citrus Power isn’t in order to physically scrub away grime, it’s merely to refresh the solution, moving away ‘spent’ product – solution already encapsulating grime – and replenish the area with new solution to break down any remaining grime. Once your agitation is complete, you can safely rinse (or wipe) away the encapsulated grime from these areas. It really is that simple.

Citrus Power can also be used as a gentle cleaner to care for the most sensitive protected wheels. Wheel waxes and coatings, such as our Mint Rims Wheel Wax and Caramics Wheel Protection Kit, are designed to create a durable barrier layer, smoothing out the surface on a microscopic level to help stop water, grime and hot brake dust from effective bonding. This enables easier cleaning because dirty water will bead off and gritty particulates will fall away, or merely sit on top of surfaces. By using Citrus Power here, there’s no need for powerful wheel cleaners or contaminant removers to remove any potentially harmful pollutants, because the advanced cleaning agents contained within the Citrus Power formula work to complement protection layers by gently lifting grime from surfaces and allowing it to be rinsed away safely. Regular removal of this corrosive contamination also helps prolong the life, and the finish, of your protection layers.

Our 5-litre container is ideal for professional use with our Pressure Sprayer or Pro Mixing Bottle, Citrus Power Bug & Grime Remover is also available in 500ml and 1-Litre bottles.

Customer Reviews

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Jeff Campbell
Amazing Product!

Have gone thru several gallons so far and will intend to buy more soon!


This stuff works great. I was able to remove a lot of sticky road film from cement trucks

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