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Ceramic Spray Wax 500ml (17oz)

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Add a ceramic coating to your paintwork or vinyl wrap and get instant deep gloss with this spray and wipe formula. A super-advanced, next-generation ceramic coating that can be applied with just a spray and a wipe.

Developed as a professional-level, fast-acting finishing ceramic coating spray, this advanced SiO2-based formula has been specifically designed to be as quick and straightforward to use as a spray wax, but Ceramic instantly chemically bonds to create a slick, glossy and ultra-hydrophobic layer for durable ceramic protection, maximum water beading and a deep, show car shine that lasts for up to 3-months. The ideal solution for the speediest detailers, trade professionals and those enthusiasts that are always on the go at car shows and events, this advanced protection product can be utilised to add, or top up, long-lasting protection every time you detail your vehicle.

SiO2-based ceramic coatings utilise Silicon Dioxide (Silica), the main ingredient you’ll find in glass. This compound is capable of forming super-strong chemical bonds with the top layer of your paint or lacquer to create an extremely hard barrier that's not only impervious to moisture, and resilient to grime, chemicals and environmental contamination but very difficult to remove by anything other than abrasion, making them exceptionally durable. On a molecular level, the bonded SiO2 layer smooths out microscopic recesses in the paintwork or vinyl and hardens to leave a perfectly level hydrophobic barrier that's completely smooth and gives water, dirt and other foreign molecules nothing to cling on to. Because of these advanced properties, water will simply bead off the surface and particulates won't be able to stick, this also stops potentially harmful contaminants from being able to penetrate paintwork or clearcoat layers, guarding from the onset of corrosion and oxidation. Instead, any surface contaminants will either slide off or simply sit on top of the ceramic layer without being able to penetrate or bond, making the vehicle far easier to clean on the next maintenance wash.

And, that’s not all, because SiO2 coatings are engineered to be perfectly clear, light is able to pass through unobstructed to the paint layer and then bounce back to the eye uniformly without diffracting in different directions, in a similar way to a car wax this gives the appearance of a significantly deeper, glossier surface.

Combining these unique characteristics, an SiO2-based product is capable of keeping any vehicle looking better for longer, making them an amazing solution for introducing for the hardiest protection at any time of year. 

Safe on all gloss paint types, along with all vinyl wraps, Ceramic Spray Wax is not only and amazing stand-alone car detailing and valeting product for adding a quick, long-lasting protection layer, but can be also used as a maintenance top-up to prolong the life and performance of other previously-applied SiO2-based ceramic coatings, such as our Caramics Paintwork Protection Kit. And, when it comes to application, a little always goes a long way on every detail - simply mist over approximately half a panel at a time, spread and buff to a high gloss shine.

Ceramic Spray Wax is supplied ready-to-use in 500ml spray bottles. Ceramic, along with our full range of ceramic coatings and ceramic protection products we offer.

• Do not apply in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

• Store upright at all times.

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