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Caramics Glass Protection Kit

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The Caramics glass coating kit offers the ultimate in long-lasting, ultra-hydrophobic protection for all exterior glass surfaces, providing crystal clear vision in all weather conditions.

Ceramic glass coating kit contain silica (Si02), which is also the main ingredient in glass. By bonding to surfaces on a molecular level it’s able to form an invisible (but super-hard) barrier to the elements. Because it also fills any microscopic recesses to ensure the surface is completely smooth, this leaves nothing for grime or moisture to cling on to, providing extreme water beading and keeping glass cleaner, clearer and, above all, safer for longer.

What’s more, with Caramics, we’ve made application of ceramic protection easier than ever. Our Glass Protection Kits uses special Glass Wipes to transfer the Si02 coating, ensuring the process is as quick and simple as possible. Unlike traditional coatings, absolutely no professional training is necessary.

The Caramics Glass Protection Kit contains everything you need to fully prepare all your exterior glass and install your coating for up to 12-months protection.

Kit Contents

1x 100ml Glass Polish, 6 x Glass Coating Wipes, 1 x 100ml Residue Remover
Protective Gloves
Instructional Guides
Sticker Emblems

Before you begin

Before application ensure the vehicle is clean, dry and free from any contaminants.


Do NOT apply in direct sunlight or to a hot car
Do NOT leave the coating to cure for longer than the specified time

Do not apply to a wet vehicle
Do not apply to any other surface than stated

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