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Caramics Enhancing Shampoo

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Caramics Enhancing Shampoo offers the quick and easy way to prolong the life and performance of your ceramic coatings at the contact wash stage.

Developed as the perfect maintenance companion to boost and reinforce our flagship Caramics range of ceramic coatings, this powerful cleaning solution contains a blend of advanced surfactants for the ultimate in grime-shifting ability and an infusion of our Caramics SiO2-based coating which instantly bonds to form a glossy, hydrophobic barrier to the elements. Because of these unique attributes Caramics Enhancing Shampoo offers a triple action of safely cleaning, boosting ceramic protection and intensifying gloss all exterior surfaces. There’s no need to change your contact wash routine, either. Simply replace your current car shampoo with Caramics Enhancing Shampoo and reap the benefits of enhanced protection, extreme water beading and impeccable easy-clean properties.

SiO2-based ceramic layers utilise silicon dioxide, which is commonly known as silica or quartz. Unlike other protection layers that simply physically bond, or cling on to the surface, this natural compound is capable of chemically bonding a molecular level to become a part of the surface and create a tough barrier that’s impermeable to moisture and grime. For this reason, ceramic coatings are suitable for all surfaces and extremely difficult to remove accidentally during day-to-day driving, giving them the ultimate in durability.

The smooth, glass-like surface installed by ceramic coatings performs two tasks simultaneously. First, because of the tight-knit molecules creating a tough, impermeable layer, foreign contamination cannot penetrate, bond or cling onto the surface, meaning water and grime will slide off or simply sit on top of the ceramic layer, away from potentially sensitive surfaces. This makes any treated surface more resilient to potentially harmful contamination and installs easy-clean characteristics that makes maintenance significantly easier the next time around. Secondly, smoothing out any tiny imperfections leave a perfectly level surface, allows light to pass through unobstructed and then bounce back to the eye more uniformly, giving the appearance of a significantly deeper, glossier finish. For more on the science of Si02 coatings, and how they can add both gloss and durable protection to your vehicle

While Caramics Enhancing Shampoo has been specifically engineered for a routine maintenance top up to increased the performance and durability of our Caramics Protection Kits (including our Paintwork Protection Kit, Wheel Protection Kit and Glass Protection Kit) it can support any SiO2-based coating. In fact, this product so powerful, it can even install a ceramic protection layer on its own on vehicles where there is no previously applied-protection.

When it comes to offering extreme cleaning power too, this ceramic shampoo has been engineered to be capable of safely shifting the harshest grime during your contact wash. Packed with a highly effective blend of cleaning agents, advanced surfactants and lubricants, this product has been developed to quickly break away bonded contamination, physically pulling grime away from surfaces, and trapping potentially harmful, sharp particles in the solution, allowing them to be safely rinsed away.

These specialised surfactants are classified as hydrophobic-hydrophilic ‘polar’ molecules which, on an atomic level, are attracted to water at one end while simultaneously repelling water and attracting grime particles at the other. Using this mechanism, these surfactant molecules are able to actively lift and surround dirt particles, extracting them from surfaces and enveloping them to effectively suspend them within the solution. The added lubrication this supreme detailing and valeting product provides helps particles that would otherwise scratch and damage surfaces, to glide freely over surfaces without touching and safely off the vehicle. 

Effective on all exterior surfaces including paintwork, vinyl wraps, glass, trim and even wheels, Caramics Enhancing Shampoo is a ‘dilute to suit’ formula where a little always goes a long way. For lighter contamination you can use slightly less concentrate to create your cleaning solution, and on grimier surfaces simply add a little more. For the best results we recommend combining this product with our professional Detailing Buckets and your choice of scratch-free Wash Mitt for a safe and effective two-bucket wash.

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