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Aroma Air Freshener 250ml (9oz)

$13.95 $14.95

Awaken your senses with the selection of Aroma Car Air Fresheners, making the cockpit of your car smell better than ever before with a hint of your favourite Aroma - The spray air freshener for your car from Auto Finesse™.

Comes in a range of different scents:

- Bubblegum

- Candy Floss

- Bilberry

- Parma Violets

250ml / 9oz spray bottle fits perfectly in your dash to freshen up your car from everyday smells, keeping your interior smelling fresh and clean with some of our favourite scents.

A car detailing product essential to add that extra freshness.

Customer Reviews

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Dave Persaud
Good For Those That Cannot Bear Strong Fragrances.

These air fresheners are very, appropriate for those that do not like strong fragrances. You can smell the fragrances, but they don't overpower you.

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