Citrus Power vs. Dynamite

 Not certain which pre-wash product to use on your car? Never fear - we're going to make it easy for you. For one week only, buy 1L of Citrus Power Bug & Grime Degreaser and receive 1L of Dynamite Traffic Film Remover completely free!

When discussing wash routines with our customers, we often get asked about the similarities and differences with Citrus Power and Dynamite. While both products achieve similar goals, they go about it in very different ways - so we put this little guide together to help you decide.

Keeping in mind - pre-wash is centered around removing as much dirt and grime from the vehicle as possible before reaching the contact stage with your wash mitt. 

First up is Citrus Power. This effective degreaser comes in a ready-to-use solution straight from the bottle. Gentle cleaners separate the dirt from the paintwork without degrading wax and sealant layers underneath. Because of its ability to clean without hurting the protectant layer underneath, Citrus is safe to use with every wash cycle. 

Action shot of Citrus Power being sprayed onto the surface of a Lamborghini Huracan during a wash. Image frames the full bottle mid-spray.

Sometimes, however, you need something with a bit more bite. That's where Dynamite Traffic Film Remover comes into play. The main difference here is that Dynamite is a concentrated detergent, designed for you to dilute it to best suit your needs. Generally, Dynamite is used during the pre-wash phase of a full detail that includes some decontamination at the end. You wouldn't want to expose your wax or ceramic coating to a Dynamite treatment more than once or twice, and even then you'll aim for a 1:7 dilution ratio to be safe.

A bottle of Dynamite Traffic Film Remover being sprayed onto the trunk of a white vehicle covered in road grime.


So, to recap: Citrus Power is ready to use, safe on all waxes and sealants and a fantastic addition to your regular wash cycle. Dynamite is a stronger detergent that comes as a concentrate, so you can dilute it to suit your needs. Utilize Dynamite on those full details when you are decontaminating the paint prior to applying a fresh coat of wax or sealant.

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Happy Shopping!