Black Friday Deals are LIVE!

Buy This, Get That - our Black Friday deals are on fire so be sure you get yours before we sell out!

For our first Black Friday here in the USA, we wanted to ensure we made a splash. So we've set up our biggest sales and discounts to date - more than 70 unique deals to give you one product absolutely free for every product you purchase. You won't find bargains like this on our website at any time outside of Black Friday, so don't sleep on these deals. 

Graphic illustration showcasing various Auto Finesse products that are part of the Black Friday deals on our website.

Here's how it works. Go straight to the "Black Friday Deals" section under our shopping tab. There you'll find more than 70 bundles ready to order, from Crew Bags stuffed full of detailing products to the endless supply of Buy This, Get That deals. Remember, the deals can only be had by adding the bundles straight to your cart; you won't get them if you go add the individual items from the main webpage. 

Keep in mind, stock is limited on most of these items. So when they are sold out, the deals will go away and that's that. So don't wait! Get your latest products before it's too late.

As always, send us a message if you need any help or want some suggestions on products to try. We are here to help, and our passion is detailing - same as yours. Messages can be sent directly through the chat option on the website, or e-mailed to

Happy Shopping!