Wash Trio


The Auto Finesse Wash Trio kit contains everything you need for the foundations of a perfect wash. The kit is made up of products that have been a hot-combo for customers for years. Kit comes boxed and includes a free deluxe wash mitt.

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Wash Trio


  • Wash Trio

    The Wash Trio comes as a boxed set of 500ML bottles and complete with a free deluxe wash mitt. The perfect wash set.



This kit contains:

1x Citrus Power (500ML) - Bug & Grime Remover
Citrus Power is a highly effective bug and grime remover, Citrus Power is suitable for both maintenance washes and thorough cleans.

1x Lather (500ML) - Car Shampoo
The Auto Finesse Lather car shampoo is PH neutral, wax and sealant friendly. PH Neutral, wax and sealant safe car shampoo a must have for the ultimate swirl free wash. The Lather car shampoo will either be the original lather or one of our Lather Shakes which would be either Banana, Chocolate or Strawberry.

1x Imperial (500ML) - Wheel Cleaner 
Imperial removes brake dust and road grime from your vehicles wheels safetly. It is a Non-acidic wheel cleaner. 

1x Free Deluxe Wash Mitt

Triggers are also included.

The Wash Trio takes the effort out of finding the right products to use at the wash stage, So we have put a few essentials together, the perfect wash trio set to target different areas of your vehicle during the wash process. The trio comes boxed with the 3x 500ML bottles inside, On the purchase of this kit you will also receive a free deluxe wash mitt.


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