Ultimate Car Care Kit


The Auto Finesse Ultimate Car Care Kit is the crème-de-la-crème and the perfect gift for any car enthusiast.

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Ultimate Car Care Kit




    The Auto Finesse Ultimate Car Care Kit is the crème-de-la-crème and the perfect gift for any car enthusiast. This kit leaves nothing out when it comes to a thorough detail.

    The kit includes the following:

    1x Lather (500ML) - Car Shampoo
    Lather is our super dependable car shampoo. It’s easy to see why the product is a favorite amongst detailers. It features a highly-concentrated pH-neutral solution which is safe to use on previously applied wax layers and sealant protection. Together with a good wash technique, Lather can take a basic wash to a swirl-free cleansing.

    1x Citrus Power (1 Liter) - Bug & Grime Remover
    The Auto Finesse bug and grime remover Citrus Power is a gentle formula that cleans deep to remove contaminants with ease. There’s no need for scrubbing and it won’t deteriorate previously applied wax or sealant layers. It’s gentle enough to use on motorbike engines, lacquered door shuts, and enameled badges. Can also be used on any paintwork, glass material, and plastic as well. 

    1x Imperial (500ML) - Wheel Cleaner
    Auto Finesse Imperial wheel cleaner is an acid-free formula that features a mix of cleaning agents and degreasers. These ingredients break down brake dust and road grime from wheels. Its highly-concentrated formula is safe to use on all modern coated wheel finishes as well as all painted, clear-coated, and powder-coated alloy wheel finishes. Also gentle enough to be used on tires.

    1x Tripple (250ML) - All-In-One Polish
    Tripple is the all-in-one polish from Auto Finesse. A favorite among many, it helps to remove stubborn oxidation and contamination using deep cleansing solvents while helping to refine paint’s surface to a high-gloss finish with fast-acting fine abrasives. Tripple is enriched with Brazilian Carnauba wax helping it to lock in shine while it protects the surfaces. Auto Finesse Tripple is also a great base for Tough Coat or any of our Carnauba hard waxes.

    1x Crystal (500ML) - Glass Cleaner
    Crystal is the absolute must glass cleaner from Auto Finesse. It is alcohol-based and highly concentrated with balanced distilled solvents to smooth over any possible imperfections that may be present in car windows while gentle enough to be used on all manner of glass such as sensitive tints, acrylic, and polycarbonate windows often used in racing. Can also be used in conjunction with glass sealants.

    1x Satin (500ML) - Tyre Créme
    The first progressive tyre dressing allowing you to decide on the level of shine you want. It has a gel-like consistency which allows you to layer the product up. One layer will give you a clean, natural satin-matte finish. Multiple layers will give you a more depth of shine depending on how many layers you apply. Satin’s water-based formula is also packed with UV-Inhibitors which help to condition the sidewalls of your tires and prevent them from cracking over time.

    1x Finale (500ML) - Detail Spray
    Auto Finesse Finale is a water-based and Carnauba-infused quick detailer spray which doesn’t smear or streak. Our detailers love the forgiving nature of it, along with its sweet cherry scent. It’s a must for any detailer's kit. Finale is safe to be used on all surfaces including paint, glass, plastic and bright work.

    1x ObliTARate (500ML) - Tar & Glue Remover
    ObliTARate is the Auto Finesse tar and glue remover. It features a solvent-based formula that helps to dissolve and remove contamination before you even touch your car, minimizing the possibility of marking the paint. ObliTARate tackles the likes of traffic cone rash, gaffer or duct tape residue, and even undercoating overspray. Safe to use on all modern painted and powder-coated surface, as well as bare metal and brightwork.

    1x Glide (500ML) - Clay Lube 
    Auto Finesse Glide clay bar lubricant has a special blend of slip agents that help to trap debris released during the clay barring process. It also aids in the movability of the bar itself, reducing the risk of marring. 

    1x Clay Bar (200G)
    Made from an ultra-fine grade of natural Kaolin clay, the Auto Finesse clay bar comes as a 200g block and will effectively remove both organic contaminants such as tree sap and bird droppings, as well as inorganic contaminants such as light tar or iron deposits.

    1x Tyre Applicator
    This 95mm x 35mm tire applicator is the clean and easy way to apply any one of our tyre dressings. The green section of the sponge is slightly firmer making it easier to hold and spread gel dressings, while the grey area is softer for going over a manufacturer’s tire marks. Pointed ends can be used for hard-to-reach areas to ensure full coverage.

    1x Deluxe Wash Mitt
    Made with the same 1200gsm microfibre pile as our widely-acclaimed Aqua Deluxe Drying Towel (also included in this kit), it features an added absorption core. It really is the perfect pampering tool for your car. 

    1x Aqua Deluxe Drying Towel
    Our Aqua Deluxe Drying Towel measures in at 500mm x 700mm and has a deep pile of 1200gsm to quickly absorb surface water, reducing water spots, and keeping paintwork swirl free.

    1x Yellow Foam Applicator
    The Auto Finesse Yellow Foam Applicator is great for applying our waxes and sealants as well as tire dressings. The applicator measures in at 100mm diameter x 10mm thickness.

    1x Mint Rims (100ML) - Wheel Wax
    Mint Rims is a unique blend of high temperature synthetic waxes and solvent carriers to protect wheels with durability of 2-3 months. Mint Rims seals your wheels from hot corrosive brake dust and oxidation while protecting against everyday weather. Mint Rims wheel wax can be used on any wheel finish including painted, powder-coated, clear coated, anodized, chromed, and bare polished alloys.

    1x Detailing Bucket
    The Auto Finesse Detailing Bucket can hold up to 20-Liters and is 285mm wide & 358mm tall. Finished in gloss black with our Auto Finesse decal.

    1x Auto Finesse Decal
    Black or White decal dependent on stock levels. May be swapped for square logo decal.

    1x Air Freshener 
    We also throw in one of our popular air fresheners (picked at random) to keep the freshness going after you’ve completed your detail! 

    1x Duo Edgeless
    The duo edgeless microfiber towel offers the best of both worlds, with one side featuring a dense short pile perfect for removing polishes and waxes and the other side featuring a thicker pile to soak up liquids such as detail sprays, or for use when performing a final buff off. Size: 600mm x 400mm, with a weight of 400gsm.

    1x Radiance (500ML) - Créme Wax
    Radiance carnauba créme offers the deep wet look shine associated with our hard wax collection in an easy to use cream formula. Packed with T1 grade carnauba wax, Radiance provides paintwork with a durable protective layer that lasts up to 3 months. Suitable for use on all colors and finishes on paintwork from light to dark, metallic and solid colors too.

    1x Revive (500ML) - Trim Dressing
    Revive Trim Dressing is Auto Finesse’s silicone-based trim dressing. Used to bring life back into exterior plastics, it darkens and restores to leave a satin finish that is dry to the touch. Once applied, Revive will help protect plastics and rubber trims from future fading with durability that exceeds conventional water-based dressings. 


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