Revitalise Spot Pads


The 85mm Auto Finesse Revitalise spot pads the perfect companion to the Handi Puck.

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Revitalise Spot Pads


  • Revitalise Spot Pads

    The 85mm Auto Finesse Revitalise spot pads.



These 85mm Auto Finesse Revitalise spot pads help to work compounds into the tighter paintwork areas of a vehicle, such as number plate recesses, grills, wing mirrors and pillars.

Orange cutting:

A high-density, firm, restoring pad, with an open cell structure to collect dead paint material and spent compound material. The firm design helps ensure that abrasives are broken down fully and consistently throughout each set.

Yellow polishing:

A medium, high-density, semi-open cell structure for collecting removed clear coat / paint, spent polish compound, whilst enabling compounds the ability to be active on the surface longer.

Red refining:

A soft, reticulated, open-cell structure pad for use with refining/finishing compounds. As one of the softest foams on the market, this pad is perfect for glazing and burnishing.

Detailing Tips

The use of our Pad Cleaning Brush through out the compounding process with ensure the pad stays cleaner for longer. Intern maximising performance from the pad when polishing.

How To Use

Directions for use:

1. Centre the pad on your backing plate.
2. Prime the pad with Pad Prime.
3. Apply two or three pea sized dots of compound to the pad.
4. Work the pad and compound into the paintwork and repeat if necessary.


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