Iron Out (5 Liter)

Contaminant Remover

Auto Finesse Iron out is a simple way of removing brake dust and iron particles from your vehicle, helping to prevent paint corrosion.

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Iron Out (5 Liter)

Contaminant Remover


Iron Out

  • Removes brake dust and iron particles from your vehicle
  • Advanced PH neutral formula
  • Suitable for paintwork, aluminium, anodised wheels and glass
  • Prevents paint corrosion with regular use
  • Contains degreasing agents to remove road grime
  • 5-Litre measurement with the same high quality and better value for money
  • Iron Out

    Watch Iron Out contaminants bleed away in front of your very eyes.



Auto Finesse Iron Out intensive iron-contaminate and fallout remover safely and effectively removes the tiny pieces of ferrous shrapnel that can embed itself into practically any surface. Auto Finesse Iron Out targets and dissolves these iron particles before significant damage to your vehicle can occur.

Auto Finesse Iron Out is an advanced, pH neutral, reactive gel formula that specifically targets only iron-based contamination. It is suitable to use on all exterior surfaces, including paintwork, aluminium, magnesium, stainless steel, anodized finishes, chrome, glass, plastic, and even rubber. Iron Out also contains strong degreasing agents to help loosen road films, making it a powerful force in the decontamination process.


Auto Finesse Iron Out should be used as part of a multi-stage decontamination process, in between tar removal and claying. This process should be performed at least twice a year (before winter and after) on daily-driven vehicles before applying a car wax or paint sealant, or before any polishing work is performed. If you are unsure of whether or not your car has ferrous contamination, spray Iron Out directly onto a yellow Foam Pad, and wipe the product on a small section of your vehicle’s paint or wheels. We can almost guarantee that you will immediately witness a chemical reaction, alerting you that you have iron fallout that needs to be removed. This reaction is often referred to as ‘Bleeding’, as the solution turns blood red where it contacts iron fallout, temporarily highlighting the contamination while it is dissolved. 

How To Use


Directions for use:

1: Apply liberally to the surface.
2: Wait for the reaction to turn any contamination purple.
3: Rinse thoroughly with water.
4: Repeat if necessary.

Do not use Iron Out in direct sunlight, or in temperatures below 32-degrees Fahrenheit/0-degrees Celsius.

Do not allow Iron Out to dry onto the surface, as staining may occur. Rinse off, or apply more Iron Out if necessary, to maintain a wet film.

Iron Out should always be used in a well-ventilated environment.


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