Interior Cleaning Kit


Interior Cleaning Kits are the perfect way to clean and protect your interior surfaces, with our low foaming solutions and uv inhibitors to prevent fading.

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Interior Cleaning Kit


  • Interior Cleaning Kit

    The perfect way to clean and protect your interior surfaces with our low foaming solutions and UV inhibitors products to prevent fading and interior damage. The overall finish is of a matte appearance.



The kit includes the following:

1x Spritz (500ML) - Interior Detail Spray
Our Spritz interior dressing is capable of both cleaning and protecting interior plastics and vinyl. Its water-based solution is packed with UV inhibitors that help to protect against fading, while leaving behind a natural matte finish. Spritz is suitable to use on all modern plastic, vinyl, and rubber surfaces.

1x Total (500ML) - Interior Cleaner
Auto Finesse Total is safe to use on all interior surfaces including plastic, vinyl rubber, cloth and carpet. It also comes ready to use for quick application when required. Total’s gentle nature is perfect for sensitive cleaning operations, but is also capable of tackling a wide variety of tough organic, and inorganic based stains. Oil, grease, food, coffee, mildew, grass, mud, sun-tan lotion and silicone-based dressings can all be removed with ease.

1x Interior Detailing Brush
The Auto Finesse Interior Detail Brush has been developed for those hard to reach areas, such as grilles, vents and intricate interior trim. It’s made from resin and is set in a soft wooden handle, complete with 50mm soft hog-hair natural bristles. Simply use dry for dusting or with an interior cleaner to agitate and deep clean areas in the cabin.

1x Work Cloth
The 300GSM (400mm x 400mm) Work Cloth is made up of soft white microfiber material which is perfectly suited to all manner of cleaning tasks. It can easily tackle the removal of residue left behind after applying your favorite wax, as well as sealant, and it can also be used to effectively deep clean your interior dashboard.

1x Microfiber Applicator
The 120mm diameter x 200mm thickness has been designed to be the perfect handheld tool for applying our specialist car care products. The microfiber applicator is a soft pad used to apply products such as Tripple, Rejuvenate, Tough Prep and any one of our polishes including Vision. Suitable for use on paintwork, glass and leather, they are a versatile must have in any detailer’s kit.

1x Air Freshener - Scent Picked At Random
We couldn’t put some of our favorite interior products without including one of our Auto Finesse air fresheners. Designed in-house, it features a simple black and white logo in 80mm x 80mm sizing.


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