Duo Edgeless

Microfiber Cloth

Duo Edgeless is the perfect detailing towel with its dual sided and edgeless design for swirl-free detailing.

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Duo Edgeless

Microfiber Cloth



The Auto Finesse Edgeless Duo Microfibre Towel gives you the best of both worlds with one side featuring a dense short pile, perfect for removing polishes and waxes one side, and a thick plush pile to the other, for soaking up quick detail sprays and final buffing.

Its edgeless design also helps in preventing swirl marks and scratches.

Size: 600mm X 400mm

Weight: 400GSM

How To Use


Directions for use:

1. Remove cloth from outer packaging.
2. Fold the cloth into four sections for ease of use.
3. Remove the wax residue, polish residue, or dirt with a clean quarter.
4. If needed re buff with a second clean side.


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