Clear Mini Trigger Head

Trigger Head

A mini clear trigger, designed to fit our 250ml and 500ml bottles.

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Clear Mini Trigger Head

Trigger Head



    This clear mini trigger is a direct replacement for the triggers that come on our 250ml and 500ml bottles. 

    Please Note: This trigger head is not chemically resistant.

    Detailing Tips

    With ObliTARate and Tough Coat; once you have finished using the trigger, unscrew the mini trigger and spray any excess product back into the bottle. This will help prolong the life of the mini trigger.

    How To Use

    Directions for use:

    1. Screw the mini trigger onto the selected bottle.
    2. Twist the lock tab to Open.
    3. Prime the sprayer with a single spray. Then being to spray.
    4. Once finished, twist the lock tab back to closed.


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