Accessories Selection Kit


It can be hard to decide which accessories you need for cleaning your car. This accessories selection kit makes the decision for you by providing all the car cleaning accessories you will need.

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Accessories Selection Kit




    The Accessories Selection Kit includes:

    1x Aqua Deluxe - Super absorbent deep 1200gsm drying towel (500mm x 700mm)

    12x Work Cloths - Made from soft microfiber (400mm x 400mm)

    5x Microfiber Applicators - Super soft pad (120mm diameter x 20mm thick)

    1x Ultra Soft Wash Mitt - Made from lambs wool for greater control when washing

    3x Primo Plush - Perfect for that final buff-off (400mm x 600mm)

    3x Duo Edgeless - Best of both worlds, short pile and thick plush (600mm x 400mm)

    2x Tyre & Trim Applicators - For an easy way to apply product to your trims or tires (95mm x 35mm)

    2x Ultra Plush Cloths - 800gsm perfect for use with detailing sprays (40cm x 40cm)

    1x Glass Waffle - Ideal glass towel to leave a streak free finish (400mm x 600mm)

    5x Yellow Foam Applicators - Great for applying our all version of our waxes, sealant, trim dressings and tyre gels (100mm diameter x 10mm thick) 

    1x Wax Mate XL - Gives a more even coverage when using our hard waxes (85mm diameter x 40mm thick)

    1x Polish Pads - The perfect partner for applying polishes and paintwork cleansers.


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