Revitalise No:3


Auto Finesse Revitalise No.3 is our paintwork refining compound, capable of finishing paint to perfection.

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Revitalise No:3


$22.95 $17.95

Revitalise 3

  • Refining compound for a perfect finish from our 3 grade system.
  • Removes any fine defects for a deep, flawless finish.
  • Effortlessly removes residue.
  • Works perfectly when applied with our red Revitalise pad.
  • Revitalise No:3

    Revitalise No:3



Auto Finesse Revitalise No:3 refining compound has been developed for use via dual action/random orbital polishers and is the key stage to a perfect finish.


As the final step in our Revitalise three-step process, this refining compound finishes off where No:2 left off. Working in-conjunction with the red refining pad, that has been prepped with the Auto Finesse Pad Prime, apply two pea sized dots of compound to the pad. On speed setting one, work the compound into a two-foot by two-foot area. Once completed, turn your speed up to four, five or six dependent on what is comfortable to work with. Apply moderate pressure and work in overlapping passes, ensuring the machine is always spinning. Work the compound for around two minutes until the compound is clear. Once this is done, turn your machine off, and use a clean microfibre cloth to remove residue and inspect your work.


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