Gloss (250ML)

Tyre dressing

Auto Finesse Gloss is the ultimate option for a wet-look tyre dressing, with its innovative spray and shine technology.

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Gloss (250ML)

Tyre dressing



  • Dripping wet look tyre dressing.
  • Simple application process; spray on tyre wall and walk away.
  • Spray and shine technology.


The Auto Finesse Gloss tyre dressing is easy to use, giving a high-gloss to tyres. Its easy spray on nature allows you to dress tyres in seconds, and you wont even get you hands dirty in the process. Tyre gels can often be dirty to use and take time to work into the tyre walls. Gloss tyre dressing eliminates the need for a tyre gel.

Simply spray Gloss onto the tyre wall and walk away.


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