Revitalise System


The Auto Finesse Revitalise system is a three-step paint correction system, all in one handy kit.

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Revitalise System


$109.95 $89.95


  • 3-grade compound system to revitalise your vehicles paintwork.
  • Removes all oxidation, swirl marks and holograms from your paintwork.
  • Colour coded system so your experience runs smoothly.
  • Includes instructions, if you are new to using a DA polisher.
  • Revitalise system

    This is a three-step paint correction system all in one handy kit.



The Auto Finesse Revitalise Paint Correction Kit is a three-step programme to perfect paint. The system features a three-grade compound system to revitalise your vehicles paintwork, removing oxidation, holograms and even swirl marks. For use together with a DA or rotary machine polisher.

The kit includes the following:

3 x compounds and 3 x matching pads.

Our Revitalise Paint Correction Kit features three steps: Step One: Our Restoring Compound and Restoring Pad. The Restoring Compound is our cutting compound capable of taking care of the most neglected finishes. Step Two: Our Polishing Compound and Polishing Pad. The Polishing Compound restores swirl marks and paint dullness. Step Three: Our Refining Compound and Refining Pad for an ultra-crisp finish. All of which are colour coded to make it easy to match compound to pad. The Revitalise system is designed for application on all types of paintwork, both vintage single stage and modern two stage, clear coated paintwork.

1 x Pad Cleaning Brush.

Our Pad Cleaning Brush is perfect for cleaning pads on the go. When polishing an entire vehicle, a polishing pad can become clogged up with excess polish and residue. Our pad cleaning brush keeps this down to a minimum. Simply run the pad cleaning brush across the face of the pad - the stiff bristles will help remove excess polish build-up.

2 x Microfibre Work Cloths.

The work cloth is our most versatile of cloths. Measuring in at 400mm x 400m, it has a 300GSM and is made up of soft white microfibre which is ideal for all manner of cleaning tasks, whether it’s removing your favourite wax or sealant or deep-cleaning your dash.

1 x Pad Prime Pad Lubricant.

Auto Finesse Pad Prime is the ideal product for prepping your machine polishing pads, before use. Pad Prime eliminates the scrubbing of a new foam pad on automotive finishes. Auto Finesse Pad Prime should always be used on foam pads before performing any paint compounding, polishing or refining. All it takes is a light mist of Pad Prime to ready your foam pad for machine polishing.

1 x Masking Tape.

This yellow masking tape is for masking up areas such as plastics and rubbers. This masking tape is also perfect for masking up panel gaps.

Kit also includes detailed instructions.


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