Revitalise Pad No:3


Designed for use alongside the Auto Finesse® Revitalise No.3 refining compound, Revitalise Pad No:3 effortlessly removes light defects and corrects your cars paintwork with ease. The perfect companion to the DPX Dual Action Polisher

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Revitalise Pad No:3


  • Revitalise Pad No.3

    Designed to work in-conjunction with the Revitalise No.3



The Auto Finesse Revitalise Pad No.3 is a soft reticulated open cell structure pad for use with refining/finishing compounds, using one of the softest foams on the market.

The red refining pad was designed to be used with our Revitalise Refining Compound to remove any holograms left by the polishing and restoring compound. This soft pad also works perfectly with all-in-one polishes and glazes.

Supplied singularly.

Be sure to use Auto Finesse Pad Prime to prep your pad before application.

How To Use

Directions for use:

1. Centre the pad on your backing plate.
2. Prime the pad with Pad Prime.
3. Apply two or three pea sized dots of compound to the pad.
4. Work the pad and compound into the paintwork and repeat if necessary.


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