We have received a number of questions on how to set up our snow foam lance, as well as questions asking us for tips and tricks on how to maintain it, so we thought we’d put this piece together for everything you need to know about our awesome snow foam lance.

Setting up the Auto Finesse snow foam lance:

Once you’ve unboxed all your items, lay them out in front of you so you know what you have. Wind PTFE tape around your adapter thread, then twist the adapter onto the black adapter part – male to male thread. Ensure to wind PTFE Tape around each threading – this will help prevent any unwanted leaks. It’s now time to add your pressure washer adapter – this adapter is specific to the pressure washer you’re using. So, if it’s a Kärcher pressure washer you’re using, you’ll use the Kärcher pressure washer adapter. Use mole grips to tighten up the pressure washer adapter – this will ensure that it’s attached as tightly as possible – with such high pressure, you’ll soon know if it’s not on right. If it’s not sitting quite right, pad the thread out with PTFE tape to get it to sit exactly how you want it.

Next step is to fit the dip tube – this is the tube that goes into your wash solution. Make sure to fill the bottle up to the 200ml mark with snow foam, then fill to the 1000ml mark (as indicated on the side of the bottle) with clean lukewarm water. Tip the bottle up and down a few times to get a good mix of the snow foam and water. Don’t shake it, this will cause it to foam. You just want to gently mix the ingredients, ready to pass through the snow foam lance and onto your car. Attach the bottle to the whole thing, ensuring the dip tube is comfortably in the solution. You’ll then need to adjust the top to half way between closed and open. From there, you can adjust the level of foam that coats your car by twisting the forward nozzle.

So that’s your snow foam all set up, now all you have to do is point and shoot. As previously stated, you can adjust the forward nozzle to your desired foam level, depending whether you want a more watery foam or a complete snow over. Once you’re all done with your detail, your snow foam lance will need cleaning before storage. If you don’t do this, the snow foam solution left in the bottle could mould up, causing it to be blocked. It’s best to clean it out after every use. There’s two ways you can do this. Dismantle the whole thing at the end and run plain, clean water through each component, or you can fill the bottle up after use (again, with clean water) and use your pressure washer to clean through the system. Once you’re sure there’s no snow foam solution left in it, leave each component to dry naturally.

If your snow foam lance becomes less effective – i.e. it doesn’t work as well or it stops working completely – unscrew the nozzle end and use a long thin tool to remove the gauze (the little piece that helps the water and snow foam mix to foam) and let it soak in some white vinegar to clean it. You can also buy replacement gauze, if it’s too far gone.

That’s our set-up guide for our snow foam lance, along with a few hints and tips on how to keep it going for longer. If you’ve got any other questions about this process or fancy us covering another aspect of detailing for you,let us know at info@autofinesse.co.uk